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Do you know the principle of human bowling? Everyone has played bowling, but this is different. Because the ball …is the player. A giant plastic ball, a person inside, and let’s bowling. This is undoubtedly an unusual and hilarious way of having fun with the friends. The game that is more and more popular all around the World is innovating by introducing humans inside the bowling balls.


The gigantic human bowling ball is created to be used outdoors and have a funny design. If you intend to buy a human bowling ball, you should know that it is actually a “habitable” sphere of 2.15 m diameter (7 feet). The player enters and leaves the ball with a zipper, and runs like a hamster on a wheel to propel the ball toward the pins. There is no doubt, this is a great and amusing way to spend an overflow of energy.

This new and trendy sport is obviously fun, unusual and harmless. As in a classic bowling game, the goal is to overthrow the maximum bowling. Only in this new version, the pins are oversized. To add an additional challenge in this activity, the giant ball must also try to crush the person running on the track.

In case of awkwardness, air borders of the aisle prevent the player to go fall in a gutter. If you’re thinking about the risks of playing that game, you don’t need to worry. The experience should not be very painful.

Those who have already purchased a human bowling ball, say that it’s a unique, crazy experience. As the human bowling is definitely the new craze to test, you’ll capture beautiful Instagram pictures and it will make you laugh for sure. Moreover, people consider that might be a new sport played everywhere in a few years.


How do you find the best human bowling ball for you? There are so many types of bowling balls with varying weights, colors and manufacturers. 
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