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hyt h1 watch cigar for sale


Fashion HYT H1 Chrysoberyl Dome Black DLC Titanium fake watch 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS for sale

Case: Black DLC Titanium
Water Resistance:5 ATM or 50 meters
Functions: ? Off-Centred Sweeping Seconds ? Off-Centred Minutes ? Retrograde Circular Liquid Hour Indication ? Regulator ? Power Reserve Indicator


As a veteran in the Swiss watch industry, Perriard knows where the traditional wristwatch components required by HYT are: boxes, crystals and more. But for fluid module components, HYT will have to venture into terra incognita. Perriard recalled that the collection of bellows and glass capillaries was particularly troublesome. There are no suitable suppliers in Switzerland.

For bellows, HYT walked all the way to Philadelphia to a company that works for NASA (Perriard will not reveal its name). He said: "It took a lot of time to find someone, but the difficulty was to come up with a fully waterproof but flexible enough container so that it could be compressed by the watch movement.replica urwerk watches for sale

Another problem is the glass capillary. HYT finally found the supplier in Germany. Perriard said: "In Switzerland, we could not find a company that could bend the glass completely to 360 degrees without any micro-angle, with all the parts made in Switzerland, with these two exceptions.

Finding component suppliers is just a problem. Perriard said they face countless people. For example: the transparent fluid in the module is oil; the colored fluid is water. It is an axiomatic not to mix oil and water. When they are shaken, they do interfere with the meniscus if they do move so violently, or simply that the retrograde movement of fluid that returns to the starting point every 12 hours. Another hurdle is that the liquid sticks to the glass just as you saw when tilting a glass of wine and then erecting the glass again. This resulted in tiny green particles sticking inside the tube. This problem is solved by applying a special coating to the glass. Perriard said: "I can keep saying three days of challenges.luxury replica watches

Two years after HYT began its project, H1 was completed. The company has found a supplier of all the weird components they often show up and addresses all the technical issues that H1 may have when it enters the real world of watches. Or they think so. Perriard said the first appearance at the Basel International Watch Fair 2012 led to a demand binge: 750-800 orders. "This is absolutely crazy."

However, two major technical problems quickly emerged. One is the effect of atmospheric pressure on the fluid module: it is much larger than HYT anticipates. Raising the watch from the sea level to the mountains can waste time in minutes. "We do not think we have any problems because we have all the air removed from the oil and water and if there is no air in the system we are not under the influence of the pressure.We are not aware of the micro-bubbles of air we have to delete, Perriard said. This problem is relatively easy to solve: Preciflex has developed a vacuum device that removes every point of air from the system.

The second problem is the effect of temperature changes. They inflate or deflate the fluid, pushing the meniscus out of the correct position. To solve this problem is more difficult: Preciflex must find a temperature compensation mechanism, a small bellows with its own special liquid, placed in one of two larger bellows.best richard mille replica rm056 watches

It was during this time of problem solving that Giulio Papi, well-known technical director of HYT called Audemars Piguet Renaud & Papi, an APRP. His task is not to help modify H1, but to create the next new sport, H2. Perriard said: "Even if we are challenged, we are starting to think about the next generation." The dream is to take the sport to a whole new level, to create an H2 that is even more crazy than H1 in terms of complexity. "In fact, Papi, one of Switzerland's best-known sports designers, will provide some much-needed credibility to this fledgling brand, not Perriard's failure.

H2 came out in 2013. APRP redesigned this action so that more action is visible. The bellows arrangement forms "V" instead of being parallel to each other, thus opening up more space so that other components can be rearranged to have more visual impact from the dial side. Perriard said: "You see the different levels, and you're impressed. The power reserve has been extended from the long 65 hours to eight days, thanks to two buckets that can be seen through the transparent bottom lid. To see if the watch needs rewinding, just look through the perforations to see how tight the spring is. The minute hand moves from the top of the dial to the center.buy hublot big bang unico replica watches




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