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I recently purchased a pair of WellingtonSteel toe boots from a boot truck. I am very happy with the quality and comfort of the boot, but the fit and slippage has made them not so comfortable. I got a size 7, and the boot was difficult to put on at first. Ive had them about a week, and as the boot has loosened up, they now feel like they are a half size too big, and I can feel my foot slip as I walk. Is this normal?

Sorry to say, but this is normal! Wellington boots have no laces and you almost have to get them too tight when theyre brand new to get them to fit! Thats because the longer you wear the boots, the more the leather on your instep area stretches from the moisture in the foot and pressure of the foot on the instep part of the boot. And of course, this makes the boots "loosen up" and become sloppy.

Another reason they seem too big is that Wellingtons are typically a sloppier fit (after you wear them awhile) than a lace up oxford, athletic, or work shoe style boot. The laces in these styles allow you to tighten them as they get looser, which unfortunately is not the case with a Wellington style boot. I usually recommend customers only wear Wellingtons to work if they are used to wearing Wellingtons to work because the sloppier fit is bothersome and can cause the legs and feet to work more and be uncomfortable.

While this "sloppy fit" is normal with Wellingtons, this doesnt help you much,Athletic Safety Shoes, so let me suggest that you get another insole from an old pair of athletic shoes or just another pair of old shoes you have and slip it under (or over) the insole in your new boot. This will take up some room in the instep area of the boot and help tighten them up. You can also purchase an after-market insole; I recommend the Spenco Insoles because I think they are the best for the money. The RX Comfort Insoles is just a thin,Sneakers Safety Shoes, flat insole with a lot of "cush" that will probably be all you need,Hiker Work Boots, but the Polysorb Heavy Duty may be so thick that you may have to take the original insole out. These insoles are incredibly durable and should last you a year, and their prices are excellent, too. You can check around, but the Heavy Duty typically goes for about $24/pair in your athletic shoe stores.
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