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Today I will tell you some rules about bubble football.First, Everyone who take part in the game will put on a bubble ball, the bubble is made of plastic, it wear like airbag which can protect you.Secondly, the game is about 30 minutes, two teams play with each other, a team is consist of 3 to 5 people.At the same time the team can not be more than 10 people. Because there have football elements, people in bubbles should try their best to find a way to kick the ball into the other side of the ball.


You should remember that it is reasonable to knock enemy’s bubble people! Please pay attention that the bubbles can only hit bubbles, you can’t go to bump onlookers people!Last but not least, please all the players must clean themselves inside the bubble with contact part of the body after the football game , the organizer will provide paper towel, alcohol and towels, please wipe off the sweat, let the next contestants have clean ball can be used! Participants must be over 18 years old, height and weight restrictions: up to 198 cm, minimum 148 cm; Weight 96 kg.Have a great fun by playing bubble football!

We are professional manufacturer and supplier of bubble soccer in Canada. OEM/ODM are accepted. Have fun with this great game!
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